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tm2yk Rating
I laught at 1st. But than the FL character is weak. ML is Arrogant Prince claimed she is his property & talk shit at her back. Than still insist FL is his. FL like i still love u after he do that to her. LAME. Not my cup of tea. Really regret spending coin on this short chapter.
sasaraRH Rating
That first chapter had me laughing. Im not a big person on those choose your adventure games (especially when it comes to romance paths- being that it leads to too much money, or really ridiculous scenarios that i wouldn't choose in general) anyway, this had me laughing because it was everything I was living for.Our main girl, who is the "villian" or supposed to be in story, is such a sweetheart, shy, softy. I just love her and her innocence. Like she is funny to watch, especially when she runs from our male lead. Also how she interacts with the other characters is hilarious. The whole dynamic of this is really entertaining and I can not wait to read more.This was a great first chapter. Great characters of the bat, and yes i can bet we'll see some cliche things (its a romance manga on renta, plus its about those video games, so its to be expected) but i am highly recommending this as it has great art, great plot, funny scenes, and more!If thats what u like, then u should read.
Audrey Rating
I completely adore this story. The main character's determination to undo the mistakes of her past to make things right even when they don't directly benefit her is sweet and noble, and her love for the Prince despite not realizing his true feelings is too cute. I look forward to more chapters in this series.
heyobromo Rating
Fast paced and brain mushing... The kind of thing you turn your brain off to. Now I love love LOVE villainess stories but this one feels... Rushed? Feelings are being caught too fast, things are happening, nothing is explained. I mean, it's pretty funny though. For real, it gave me a good laugh and that's why I'm gonna follow it. It seems to play off a lot of the villainess story tropes. It works more like a parody which I personally really enjoy! I like it! Fair warning, don't take this thing seriously. Really just don't. Maybe it's worth more to rent than buy, with spare points. Going off of ch 1 right now, opinion may change with the next chapter.
BakaB Rating
This manga isn't as bad as everyone says. The only annoying part that I find is that the main character cries too much. The main love interest is kind of a hypocrite. Like he is able to be friendly to the opposite sex but when it comes to the main character she isn't allowed to talk to any other guys which is annoying. The story overall is interesting. Although I wish the main character seemed a bit more villainy like the way they make it sound in the simulation game the story is talking about. Although there are things lacking in the manga, it does have the potential to be great.I would say I didn't regret reading it and if more chapters get uploaded I will read them.
Tozarosa Rating
Don't asking about any common sense in this. It's just for laughing.
PinkKink Rating
I actually like it. I'm not taking it too seriously, so the the FL and ML's behavior is more amusing than anything.
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