User Reviews For: Rhythmic Muscle Encounter [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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ABHD Rating
If you're a fan of Ko's work, then you'll most likely find this series enjoyable! I really enjoyed the writing within the few sample pages and immediately bought it, thinking it was going to be worth it and it was! Especially after realizing this was written by Ko. Ko typically has well grounded, honest and refreshing characters. Their writing is fun and light. The story was well rounded and succinct. The ending being cute and satisfying. The sex is consensual and ?.Itsuki (bottom) understands what he wants and is a fairly honest to himself about it and therefore can be honest with Takumi (top). Takumi is also honest about his own thoughts, emotions and interests and readily shares most of it with Itsuki. There's no dub-con, blackmail or anything. The series does have sexual harassment as a passing incident for Itsuki? but it's not part of the main relationship's dynamic, nor is it talked about in depth and taken to a dark place.
animepie Rating
5 stars because I enjoyed it even even though the way these each of these characters march to the beat of their own drums throws me off. Lol. Takumi fantasizes so much that I couldn't tell what was real or not and it was extremely funny. And I like how determined Itsuki is in trying to get with Takumi so I'm glad they were mutually attracted to each other in their own ways.
alienxxi Rating
This is too adorable! Even without much of the sexy scenes, the story is so cute! The story development was adorable! I want to see more on what'll happen once they're in a relationship. This is such a cute cute read I swear! Hoping for more sexy action to happen soon! Itsuki is too adorable and sexy. I want to see more sexy time!
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