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animepie Rating
I'm hoping there's more to this! It's adorably wholesome. Mr. Milk Tea is such an alluring, sophisticated gentleman of a cat man while Ronnie is so cute and hilarious with his open book personality and easily tempted by fluffy cat fur antics. I want to see how their relationship develops with how charmed they are by each other.
Ricelily Rating
This was an adorable find. A wholesome game of Cat and Mouse-Human that gives off a classic “romantic” comedy flavor. It's a refreshing break from all the smutty stories when you just wanna laugh and bask in the fluff. The story is a joy and the art is a feast to the eyes. There's no harm in satisfying curiosity by renting this for a few days but it's highly likely you'll end up upgrading to the full amount. I'm looking forward to more! Can't wait :3
horikashi Rating
so cute! I love how unique the style is and the story is pretty cute
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