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animepie Rating
I'm hoping there's more to this! It's adorably wholesome. Mr. Milk Tea is such an alluring, sophisticated gentleman of a cat man while Ronnie is so cute and hilarious with his open book personality and easily tempted by fluffy cat fur antics. I want to see how their relationship develops with how charmed they are by each other.
pumpkin Rating
Yes!! I've waited for this story to get translated in like forever!!! This is a sweet story on a cat man, Mr Milk Tea and a human man, Ronnie forming a little friendship which could be turning into something else ^_^ this story is just adorable fluffy and there are some misunderstandings between the two but they don't come off as forced and the glimpses of world building, yes! I also find it interesting that all cats has 'Tea' for their surname which brings the question do other beast people have the same surname? I love the characters and their interactions, also that the cat people act a bit like ACTUAL CATS!!! Flat ears, swishy tails, some of them have scratch boards when their annoyed! Definitely give this a read if you want something more fluffy and sweet!
Tpreader7022 Rating
This is a wholesome story. Its so adorable. Honestly I just reread this when I need a feel good story.
val Rating
I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this series! The first set of chapters are so wholesome, each member of the cast is unique, the art is gorgeous and cute and soothing to look at. I love the subtle jealousy and endearing relationship. I'm SOOOO excited for the second set of chapters too, it took me a second to realize but the human character in the second set of chapters uses they/them pronouns! It's so wonderful seeing diversity and representation handled well in manga. I can't recommend this series enough!!!!
Taurmenothe Rating
Love the characters, and love the art. I hope more volumes of this get translated!
Lavender Rating
The pacing is somewhat slow, but it only give more time to look at the incredibly cute artwork. All the character are cute and you just want to snuggle in the fluff.
Chamz Rating
It was so fun and cute!!!! It's super wholesome I wish there was more!!!
Jem9896 Rating
Very adorable art style and story. Although, it feels slow.
lisamisa Rating
So this is BL and the plot is kinda slow but it's so cute and the art is so adorable, I love it! Even the way the cats are drawn is so so cute!!!
Ricelily Rating
This was an adorable find. A wholesome game of Cat and Mouse-Human that gives off a classic “romantic” comedy flavor. It's a refreshing break from all the smutty stories when you just wanna laugh and bask in the fluff. The story is a joy and the art is a feast to the eyes. There's no harm in satisfying curiosity by renting this for a few days but it's highly likely you'll end up upgrading to the full amount. I'm looking forward to more! Can't wait :3
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