User Reviews For: A House Near the Station with a Wizard [Plus Bonus Page and Renta!- Only Bonus]


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DragonRider Rating
Its cute and nice artwork- its not 1 story or even 1 main story with a side tale. Its 4 seperate and disjointed tales, with the wizard getting 2 so a total of 5 stories. Which is fine if thats what your looking for, I just wish it was part of the description. There just wasnt enough of anything.
bdryburgh Rating
I agree that the stories all seem short, but they are all also rather sweet. All but the last are paranormal stories. The first two are about the wizard and the real estate agent. The third is about a doctor and an invisible man (more sweet than sexy, despite that trope). The last involves the usual train trope, although in this case one guy is attempting to rescue another from the molesting. It is almost a great story. They were all almost great, but generally fell a bit short of the mark each time, which is why it's only 4 stars.
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