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bunchan529 Rating
Ridiculously cute and sweet. I wasn't expecting just how well the story flowed, and it made the silly premise a vehicle for very natural emotional progression!
yellowdoors Rating
This comic was so cute, extremely wholesome, the artwork was fantastic, and just enough sex scenes. It was really perfect. I loved it how the author got so much information into just 36 pages for each chapter and at the end I didn't feel like anything was rushed and the story was completely resolved. I am happy that I bought this because I will be rereading it.
dirtyangeltoes Rating
I ignored this title for a while because I thought the cover art was ugly, but the art in it is actually beautiful and lots of fun. It's extremely charming; The plot is also really cute and funny, both characters feel natural with each other and there's no needless drama with their circumstances. In short, I loved it. Definitely give this story a chance if you like hot romance without needless drama and characters that actually like each other/get along. <3
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