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GregorIAN Rating
I never get the stories where one jerk gets a redemptive arc, especially when it turns out the other person actually loved the jerk. This left me feeling bad for Souta and feeling like Takada was going to regret Yuki in the end, and honestly, I don't know what either saw in Yuki. He's an absolutely miserable character, and for Takada to go from seeing how miserable Yuki made Souta (and seeing that Souta loved Yuki) to doing what he did with Yuki made me end up disliking him in the end too. A group of bad characters, and somehow the one who has been used the most is made out to be the bad guy.
jingleclove Rating
Surprisingly not a huge fan of this one. I felt bad for Souta most of all, he gets portrayed as the bad guy, but genuinely had feelings for Yuki. They DID have an arrangement beforehand that was only physical, but it was basically Souta's way of keeping his crush at arm's length. They also did him dirty with a later scene to set him up as the antagonist, which, really felt kind of out of character for him.Yuki himself was indecisive, but because of his reliance on what he thought was important (class hiearchy that he had in his mind). I couldn't tell if he actually started to like Souta because of the way he thought about him sometimes (before he started meeting up with Takada.)Takada was put in a situation where there'd be no winners honestly, it felt as if he walked into a lovers spat and was left with a guy who didn't handle relationships well. Teenagers for sure with the way they handled the situation haha.I usually enjoy this author's work, but this one was hmm at best.
weirdkid4444 Rating
I think this is a really good title and i recommend you all read it. I do think the ending is kinda off it kinda feels like we get all this build and then it drops. I would definitely read again tho it's a good read and its more about the story than the sex.
fionav3 Rating
This left a bad taste in my mouth. Art is lovely but Yuki is one of the most horrible semes I've ever seen. I felt sorry for souta. Also, characters were all over the place - no consistency or rationale for behaviour.
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