User Reviews For: Love Chronicle Of A Hated Teacher


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DarthVader Rating
The art style seems a bit outdated, but the worst is the storyline. I could not bring myself to finish reading it.
Mire97 Rating
It's pretty good but it's not a story everyone can read. There is obviously a story here but not much given in the first chapter.
sarasusamiga Rating
Was not expecting noncon. Disappointing and unrealistic.
Skaenund Rating
The ending was rather cute and well done, which definitely made up for the rocky start imo. However the story was pretty disjointed in tone, the beginning was really noncon, for a very confused reason. If I want someone to hate me I just use my words....and if I hated someone I dont think I'd want any part of my body touching their rear. But honestly after that idiotic first chapter or two the story becomes more about their relationship and lives as teachers, which I enjoyed.
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