User Reviews For: Setouchi is a Master of Self-Gratification


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bryaness Rating
It's a very sexy concept (the melt face especially) and funny at the same time. Not gonna lie, at the end of the chapter, the story makes me chuckled a lot at how ridiculously funny and sexy it is
Atlasy Rating
It's so hot but also cute, it's a good combo. Setouchi is adorable but his reactions are so endearing yet sexy. The premise is interesting and I don't know what direction it will go in so I'm invested. I love how Niyama respects Setouchi's decisions. There's only two chapters so far but I can't wait for the rest!
Overdressed Rating
Well drawn and funny. The main character is cutely dizzy and a slave to pleasure.
aliceanimelover Rating
Yo, this one was actually so cute and satisfying too! Not a lot of drama, but the main character can be dramatic, lol. I wish this one last a little longer. It was an amazing read and yes I would recommend it too.
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