User Reviews For: I Want to Spoil Ikuro-san (43 y.o.)


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love stories where the characters don't match their appearance. This first chapter is hella short lol!!! Not sure if it's going to be like that ongoing but it's not bad. Art is really nice and the characters seem interesting. Definitely want more of this.
xotai Rating
I absolutely love how short and sweet each chapter is. The story is very to the point the art is cute the stories cute each chapter is a nice little quick read that is very pleasant. I always look forward to the next chapter!
ebookrenta0esr5jeo5 Rating
This was pretty cute and i hope there is more to read ?
HiggsWay Rating
Bought the first chapter, am excited to see how this would go. Love the dynamic of the baker who specializes in cute desserts and the actor (who specializes in Yakuza roles) who loves cute desserts
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