User Reviews For: I Need More Than Just Romance [Plus Bonus Page and Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Love love love this!!! Wow!!! Cute nerdy virgin top x cute straight uke who are in a new relationship and truly love each other just trying to figure out how to go about being in a relationship. At first I was a bit confused on how they met, got together, etc but everything gets explained just be patient lol! The art is oh so good. I'm in love with those expressions! It's ultra cute and sweet but there's plenty of hot scenes that make you wanna fan yourself. Annnd There's a brocon too!!! Enjoy!
BlackBelle Rating
Omg, this was just so cute! Our couple is just so lovey dovey from page one. Shuji, who was straight, wants their relationship to progress and have sex with his little bunny boo. This part is awkward and cute. Then Shuji's big brother comes into the picture and starts poking at their relationship. I won't give all the good stuff away, but seriously the whole book is just as sweet as sugar. I loved every page.
Mona Rating
Suuuper duuuuper cute and sweet!!! <3 Really recommend this!!!
chosokento Rating
Im in love with this story?(> ? <)? a horny stud uke x nerd virgin top. Im down for any story like this.
Hacchan Rating
I Need More Than Just Romance is just the cutest story EVER! I just love how accepting the family is in this book. Plus the plot throughout the whole story just makes you want to keep reading. I would totally recommend.
NissM Rating
The first line of the summary was all i needed before getting this. The pair is so cute and hilarious. The interactions are just great. The small backstory caught me off guard and got me tearing up a little. And no unnecessary drama. A definite recommend from me!
wascallywabbit12 Rating
Cute!! Fun little story. I like that it is all consentual adults. Story had some nice spice too it!
Nashi4eva Rating
This is best so far. Both men are so understanding of each other and you can see how much they love each other.
ghostpeen Rating
This was really cute! I liked that it was about an established couple figuring things out, rather than the usual getting-together sort of plot. Would recommend!
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