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MilliniaValmar Rating
So, I will preface this review with I don't typically read a lot of Shojo, but I have enjoyed the story so far. I do have some qualms with some of the translation/typos, but I have been able to overlook most of that since the story is pleasant. This is a light coming-of-age story of Haruhi, a young working woman who made some rash life decisions while under the influence, and how she grows to come to terms with the direction her life is taking. At first the story's focus is mainly on Haruhi, but now into the fourth chapter, we are learning a little more about the ML and some of the hardships he has had up until they met. I look forward to reading more and seeing how they grow together and overcome their obstacles.
Zeet Rating
Love it
s8ans Rating
charming, the MC is so relatable! i can't wait to read more of this ??????
hotchip Rating
I love this series a lot, the characters have such a sweet relationship built on trust and communication! Also, just not very common to see such a fun, wholesome age-gap romance. The main character is really cheerful, headstrong, and likable, and the male lead is really cool and handsome! Definitely recommend~
mirandasizhou Rating
Such a good story, made me cry
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