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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Lmfao!!!! This is hilarious!! It's fun, funny and really really addicting!! The art is great, I love it!!! Ok so I love the all boys school trope and this one is just so funny! You have Yohei who is a loud mouth wannabe bad boy goofball and he's absolutely lovable. Well, his days of goofing off and getting away with it are long over this new school year. He's got a new dorm leader and roommate that is a total Stickler for rules and he's got it out for him. But his new roommate is hiding something Big! And once Yohei gets to bottom of it he's in for a whole lot of trouble. Haha!! Let the fun times commence. Can't wait to see what happens next!!!!
Atlasy Rating
Well worth it. I'm 4 chapters in and I'm dying, waiting for the ending. It's so cute and hilarious, the feels just hit you in the heart. Plus the racey scenes are nice, the overall art is great!! Highly recommend
BlackBelle Rating
I LOVED THIS! So dang cute.
Nashi4eva Rating
I really enjoyed this.
makmaklala Rating
Omg this was so hilarious! The art is great, I love it so much! And the story had me looking away from my phone so that I could laugh out loud so many times!! Please read this - I promise it's hilarious and so so good. X
MioAkiyama Rating
Dorm leader Itsuki has an issue with troublemaker Yohei for skipping his dorm duties and classes. Itsuki Decided to take the role of being his "caretaker" to ensure he doesn't skip any of his responsibilities. From rivals to lovers. Funny and an ultimate page-turner to read!
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