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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Oh this is pretty good and cute!! I like nonchalant bottoms. Hayato is quickly becoming obsessed with the idea that his quiet coworker is the live streamer he discovered and wants to know if he's right. I like that Mamiya is more than meets the eye. His reaction to being found out was refreshing and I'm so curious to see how this plays out. Very cute art and interesting story so far!!
Celbrion18 Rating
This manga takes the tired trope of catching someone you know doing it online and blackmailing them into having sex, and throws it all away. Instead it's replaced with a consensual relationship that accepts both partners kinks and sexualities. It's a beautiful and sexy story that I love.
animedancer Rating
Very hot
thewritinggirl Rating
Adorable, absolutely adorable and very very hot. These guys are perfect. It's the classic evolution of a relationship, then a bit of angst followed by forgiveness and love. Perfectly executed, definitely worth buying.
flyhigh10 Rating
Sweet and smutty
whitesell Rating
Could had them do more stuff together
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