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fuyuyume Rating
The art is amazing but story wise, I lost respect for Riku. Yes, he was attacked by his ex-boyfriend but if he really wanted to be a proper bodyguard, he could've said I will get you someone to release yourself with. That he vetted and had sign an NDA. Eventually he could've fallen for him, but this story is going cliche. He will abuse Riku then Riku will be like "I think I love him blah blah blah". Make a character who is supposed to be strong have some character as well as conviction. Though I really like the artwork.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
5 stars for the art and piquing my interest. I like reunions between old lovers. I like that both are older and totally look different than when they were first involved. I'm really curious if his ex really even needs a bodyguard or if something else is at play here? Also is his other client, the female one, gonna pop up again later? Also want to know why he's changed so drastically. Like what's the reason behind becoming a bodyguard? Very good beginning and can't wait for the next chapter!
reyji Rating
Pretty art!! It's an obsessed top that likes to bully his partner x a dishonest bottom that's weak to pleasure... I was a little dissatisfied with how much Rikuya let Miharu get away with, but that's personal preference tbh. Overall a fun read, definitely hooked me in, just wish it was longer so the characters and plot could've been fleshed out more :') Warning though, it's got a lot of the "technically noncon, but the victim secretly wants/enjoys it, so it's actually romantic!" trope that comes out of left field if that squicks you out, haha.
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Absolutely smoking hot, but wow, please do not for a moment think that this kind of relationship is ok outside of fiction. This is super messed up, and honestly I kind of wish the author had gone further to establish that this really isn't ok and it's clearly a messed up situation. So, so smutty and hot, though, and great art. A+Renta, please consider adding a system to warn people about non-con, cuz some of us like it or at least don't mind it, and some people find it triggering and would like to avoid it.
Jellygay Rating
The art was nice but I just couldn't get past Riku being a literal POS.
Cygnus Rating
Umm.. I'm curious what happened in the past for Rikuya to reject Miharu like that.. so far, flash back seems pretty sweet & loving. Looking forward for more story behind their past and how will they salvage their relationship again!!
Nasifino Rating
Great !
MioAkiyama Rating
Love the art and plot!! it's not like they broke up because of abusiveness or what. Riku just wanted what was best for his bf and decides to leave due to insecurity and self-doubt. Back in their school days, communication was not delivered resulting in a breakup that left a bad taste. Years after in the corporate world they "bump" into each other again and formed a contract of bodyguard to know that their feelings for each other never faded. I really recommend everyone to read it~~
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