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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is a new to me mangaka but I like!!! Sei and Yuta are adorable. I love puppy dog like semes and Sei is just the cutest. I love how earnest he is about pursuing Yuta. This seems really funny and cute and I love their nosey friends who seem to just want them to succeed. Really want to know what they have in mind to help Yuta be able to take Sei lol!!!
CulturedYogurt Rating
It was nice wholesome but also some nice sexy times.
PommesPatti Rating
Ok, what you get with this manga:Puppy seme ?Cute uke ?Everything is consensual ?Understanding and relationship supportive friends and family ?Sexy time ?Absolutely recommended reading!
animepie Rating
This is incredibly wholesome. Sei and Yuta are so cute together and they have a pesky but supportive friend group who want them to succeed. They're just trying their best to have sex and Yuta is gradually having his anal awakening. There's no interference in their relationship, nobody getting in their way. It's just a nice read.
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