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funkyhatcat Rating
My first review but had to share! I'm hesitant about this "world" of dom-sub but I wholly enjoyed this read! The characters are sweet, the pace was right, the communication was beautiful! There was a bit of drama to give it context but the play wasn't hard-core (as in hardcore sm play)so good for beginners of this genre. The art was also lovely
OmiNovaCere Rating
Get this. You won't regret anything. I read the last chapter roughly 10 times over. The feel good chemicals this story releases in you is off the chart.
Maevalily Rating
Oh no what to do? I want so much more of this story ? it's so good! Fluffy and super consensual and sexy I love everything about it ??
hiyuki Rating
This is my first Dom/sub and it's a wonderful introduction to the gene! The characters are so sweet and the smex is beautiful.
SadAsian Rating
Such a cute d/s verse story. It touches on the hardcore stuff while explaining that it's not for everyone. I love how it shows how the dom protects the sub and how hate stems from ignorance. Even though he lost touch with his sister she still wanted his approval for her marriage and honestly I loved that they were able to connect again. 10/10 reread
winniez Rating
The story was absolutely hot but also very wholesome! The character development was well paced and have great healthy chemistry even for this type of plot universe. I'm not a big fan of dom/sub universe but this really put in a nice perspective and will definitely try more. One time that I would want from the story would be a sequel! I would love for more content about the couple ^^
tisherve Rating
So good! The artwork is amazing and the story is sweet!
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