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LetMeIn Rating
Ah, so cute! Two rivals who end up liking each other but both are too prideful to give in first! No unnecessary drama, quite happy and upbeat storyline, and I like the characters. Simple yet healing! (review written after second chapter)
thewritinggirl Rating
It was cute but not much went on. The characters were cute but there was potential for more of a story even in just five chapters. There's was also only one smut scene which was over in a couple of panels. The art was sweet though, and I liked it but I didn't love it
ThatSelm Rating
Completely adorable. Love office romances. Rivals to lovers. No toxicity. .
ebookrenta0z1y3016k Rating
Overall pretty good, but I thought from the synopsis that this would be smuttier than it was, so I'm a bit disappointed.
Miyachan Rating
So fluffy sweet!!! Love how both mc is so stubborn.. Story line not bad.. Funny and all.. But I wish it will be in depth.. Cos they both are soo adorable!
kurtsy Rating
This love comedy is so cute!! They both know they like each other but both of them are so competitive they try to one up each other in the love war. Both of them are big idiots I love it!
Saronasoft Rating
Very fun to read both of them want to make progress but at the same time won't say “I love you “ first! I am really excited to next chapter (≧∀≦)
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