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Overdressed Rating
So sweet. Both guys are reluctant and shy and the chemistry is hot.
flyhigh10 Rating
Really great so far. Funny, sweet, well written and drawn. Just started to get steamy. It has a lot of potential!!
MissLucyPlum Rating
This was so cute. Akihiro and Takumi were so adorable. I like how the author treated them respectfully as a same-sex couple (no gay unicorn trope here) and that their friends continued supporting them with no drama, as though their dating was just a natural extension of their relationship. The sex scene felt a bit rushed. The art was great though, really capturing the characters' subtle emotions. Woukd reread.
makmaklala Rating
Omg the art is phenomenal! And the story is so damn cute! Please read and rate this, because it's freakin adorable!
Confictura Rating
They are so cute??
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