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TomatoKah91 Rating
Um, ok, sweetness overload and I'm on a sugar high. It's so wholesome already, there's communication and mutual feelings. High school boys, opposite personalities and having the hots for each other's faces. It's a yes from me.
GrimLuciel Rating
A-mazing. All of this is consensual, sweet and spicy progression of two guys in love. Lots of fluff, but also lots of naughty scenes still. All of it is CONSENSUAL. They navigate their relationship together, but nothing overly dramatic either. A very sweet ride. Loved it.
ZodiacAttack Rating
I have never read anything so sweet and cute and heartwarming and soft and lovely before in my life. Serina and Arata are proof that love is real. As the other reviewer said, the communication between them is incredible -- and so is their mutual want to get to know each other and like what the other one likes. I am so in love with their love.
ChiiMotosua Rating
I only write reviews when I really like something. This is going on my list of favorites and rereads. It's so sugary sweet I have cavities. But, it's also really smexy so you get the whole kit and kaboodle. Honestly, everyone should read this. Wholesome, heartwarming, amazing communication, consent, the desire to grow with the person, the desire to make them happy...Truly a masterpiece.
freshleaf Rating
This was so cute!! No regrets buying. I would reread a few of the pages too because they were just so cute aaaahhh
Maevalily Rating
This was so cute, so hot and so wholesome! 2 chapters of this manga feels like 4-5 chapters story progression in other series. I loved it!
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