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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Damn! The angst is dripping on every page!!! I love it!!!! The art is gorgeous. The guys are way too hot!! They are beyond helpless and refuse to address their true feelings whatsoever. But that hot angry sex is *chef's kiss* perfection! I love that Kei is totally obsessed with Asahi and just matter of factly tells him he's going to be his pet. Like excuse me??? Yes please lolololol!!! Like if I can't have you no one can and I'm be your daddy watching you 24/7. IRL I'd be like I'm calling the cops, but here in my safe space I'm here for it!!!
reyji Rating
Oh man, this one is... A Lot. I'm absolutely enjoying the read, but it's definitely not something you wanna pick up unless you're down for a heavier story that puts you through a gauntlet of angst and pain before giving you that Happy Ending pay off. Even then, if you need that happy ending ASAP to soften the painful angst, I'd wait until the manga has all chapters published to read it. But if angst and pain is your jam, THIS manga is for you. The art is really good, the author is amazing at conveying emotions (when I tell you my stomach dropped and I teared up during the noncon scene in chapter 1...) and I have hope that they'll be able to write a satisfying conclusion for the characters that makes the wringer the author put them through worth it. I'm looking forward to the next chapters!!!
Carmen Rating
Seriously he treats the MC like shit. Why do writters think we want to see such an abusive relationship succeed? The dum MC's that fall for their abusive lovers tropeb s getting hard to see. 3 stars for the great art work.
Cygnus Rating
Waaah! So much misunderstanding when you don't have honest & open communication! One-sided love from alpha, but he's going about it the wrong way! A bit head strong omega who's hung up on the idea of finding fated pair, also just begun to realize his feelings toward alpha. My heart hurts seeing them hurting each other without proper communication :'(
SandieP Rating
The training methods were hot and steamy. The sweetness, the anger, the jealousy. What more can be given by this author. Get ready.
SadAsian Rating
Cute! Oh so cute! Non con between friends in the beginning and misunderstandings everywhere but I think they'll figure it out soon
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