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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Seriously one of the best “best friends to lovers” stories out there!!! The art is gorgeous to look at!!! Details on top of details and it gets pretty hot y'all!! Shige and Yoichii are bffs and even live next door in the same apartment complex. They practically do everything together but Shige likes girls and Yoichii is gay. Well one night changes their dynamic forever and what happens next is slow torture for one and eye opening for another and totally delicious for all!!! I love it!!! There better be a special epilogue chapter because ch. 7 left off on the ultimate cliffy!!! Love these two knuckleheads and seriously I love it when both guys are both buff. So yummy!!!
Slightlycrazy Rating
Adorable, funny and sexy, would recommend to anyone joining the BL genre.
Ami Rating
I rally like childhood friends stories in general but this one I just loved it, the confession is my fav part and the artstyle is sooo detailed, I really enjoyed this one!
jadeblossom Rating
Get it. Honestly enough said. The confession scene made it over the top worth it and then everything else *chef's kiss*. I love it!!!
Fae Rating
Great story and the cliffhangers are evil. Emotions are easy to relate to.
Ravenmockr Rating
Cute! Adorable! Sexy and funny! This story hit all the marks! Totally identifiable characters that one can't help to feel empathy for both. A really good read.
Druidjr22 Rating
These kinds of manga are all the same, frustrating and totally unrealistic in that noone in such a situation would actually behave that way. They never ever actually talk it out cause of they did things would actually go much better than they do go cause they all stay in their head. Most people when faced with their best friend who is also the love of their life actually returning those feelings would most likely be on cloud 9, not throw the guy out! Regardless of what words they used, whether it's might or am, it's still hope and should have been a wonderful moment. That's the point these stories always lose me cause I can only suspend my disbelief for so long on so many things I think if the authors worked on making the interactions more realistic & believable, instead of the same outline over & over , they would find the books would be so much better.
thewritinggirl Rating
Really REALLY enjoyed this, it was playful and sweet with the perfect amount of drama and of course, plenty of smut. Written really well and the art's good, particularly during the smut. On the whole I liked it a lot!!
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