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1ch1me Rating
Well, the story starts off with Emily on a cottage to escape Rafael, her husband who "cheats" on her. Flashback to when they met 3 years ago, Emily was 17. Months later, her father had fallen ill and then Rafael made a suggestion to him, which was to be husband and wife until Emily turns 21, then she'll divorce him and be free. Will Rafael let that happen? Well, of course not, because back to the "cottage setting". He won't let her escape! Wanna know what "the true happiness of marriage" Ralph was talking about? And how their feelings developed as the story goes on?Then why not go ahead and read this bittersweet love story! I'd say that I had fun reading it! The artwork was so great like the story, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
its really interesting story i like it, would have been nice if he actually treat her like actual wife from start and they would have fell in love with each other much more sooner than wait few years later i recommend this manga
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