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Guest Rating
love this Manga its hot, and i love the love story! i've rad it many times and i enjoy it as much as the first time! please update more!!
cheesyB Rating
It was an "okay" read. I did not like the ending- it felt rushed and lacked flow. In some ways, I appreciated it for its level of maturity; however, at the same time, I disliked the immaturity of the characters. I am not a fan cry-baby female leads, or die-hard jerk faced male leads, both of which were the main characters of this manga. I found the plot lacking in development. I was particularly annoyed by the use implied subordination of women here. Why does she have to constantly cater to his whims, especially when they happen so sudden and are so commanding? I respected the idea of a professional woman, single and finding love with a one-night stand partner, but I did not appreciate that in the remaining chapters her character returns to the 'stereotypical woman,' thinking of biological clock, pressured into worrying so much about marriage, and being expected to give up her lifestlye for a risky relationship. Maybe if I saw the male lead's thoughts I would appreciate this more, but for now, he just comes off as a rude and mysterious selfish jerk, while the female lead ended up being assigned the role of damsel in distress ONCE AGAIN! Gosh for once I story of a strong female lead whose worth is not entirely dependent or surrounded by her male lover, and whose lover respects her decisions and treats her equally. WHERE CAN I FIND SUCH A MANGA???? In one sentence, I regretted reading this.
omonii123 Rating
love how they show a relationship of no attachment between a man and a woman. wish they have more chapters
Vonitza Rating
I really love this manga. It has a good storyline and its not just about sex but its about relationship that you are committed to one person and you have to trust each other whether or not the relationship is a long distance or not. Even you are married, you both can drift apart and end up divorce. Please update, i cant wait any longer?!
scerazade90 Rating
It's very bad
Totozelo Rating
This story line is very sweet. I love the character and the love keeps me wanting to see where they end up. The ending didnt disappoint either.
Nyanko Rating
Very likeable story with a great mix of steaminess and story. There's no overwrought drama here, just the normal bumps in relationships: fear of commitment, misunderstandings, goals that aren't quite aligned time wise, and family/social pressure. The art is quite good, with attractive characters that are distinct enough to easily differentiate. I'm not a huge fan of the font, which does look a bit cluttered. I realize that's personal preference but some parts were hard to read on my iPad, so I imagine reading it on a smaller device might be problematic for some. I've read 8 chapters, and the story is marked as completed, but the story could have one more chapter. Most of the story is tighter up - no cliffhangers - but the resolution would benefit from another chapter to give it a clean ending. Well worth the read!
JenFaust81 Rating
I have read this many times. I like it and yes the ending is a bit rushed.I wanted more.
Zekuu Rating
I would agree with another reviewer that this manga appeared to have a rush ending that was not very satisfying to resolve all the tension built up. It ended somewhat "happy", but I didn't feel like the characters expressed their feelings for each other very well and we don't get a strong declaration for Kazuaki which will relieve Yuko's insecurities. Yuko's internal conflict is fairly well portrayed. She wants a connection with someone which originally equated to physical intimacy before realizing that she needed the emotional connection as well. I think Kazuaki's initial declaration to NOT fall in love got her really thinking about what she wanted and also set her up to fall in love with him. Kazuaki was a hard character to like and at the same time hard to dislike. He's one of the first characters I found somewhat inscrutable, perhaps because the mangaka didn't get a chance to fully realize his character (rushed ending left some loose ends). I don't feel like he got the time/opportunity to develop as the mangaka would have liked. I think there is some past hurt which has really affected him and made it hard for him to open up to Yuko despite what I believe is his true, deep love for her. However, we never really know what that past hurt was, thus a loose end I really would have liked to see resolved. Also, his feelings are quite passionate, but we don't get to see the more tender emotions he's perhaps capable of - again, possibly due to this manga getting cut short. I'd be interested to read a more complete story by this mangaka - I feel like they grasp the real challenges with relationships and can build up some good tension without creating a lot of unnecessary drama.
MissMaus Rating
Holy crap this is a grownup story. I connected so strongly with the MC on a personal level. I feel your "getting older hustle" girl. I really do. No frills, no real drama, just a couple of deeply scarred people trying to sort themselves out. It was a really wonderful and aching read. I was really pleased with the ending.
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