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Nora990 Rating
what woman if there are any story about how the leading woman is strong this is it >O<
Deunan Rating
I love main lead here, she doesn't mess around. Refreshing to see a main female so strong and independent, would highly recommend!
MissMaus Rating
No weak willed bought women here! I love the heroine.
riversong25 Rating
If i were Victoria I'd have let the dad rot. The jerk not only cheated against a prince, but he had the NERVE to try and barter his way out of HIS problem by offering HER to the prince? I would have told them to throw the jerk in jail and demand to be allowed to go to back to bed, or demand to know if I wad fired because of what daddy did and ask to be allowed to get dresses and pack my belongings and catch a flight back to America.
neha200 Rating
That was one of the best harlequins I have ever read! The art was great & the storyline was splendid. Not to mention, Victoria was a fierce heroine who just got better every step of the way. This was worth every ticket; I recommend it.
missjoanna89 Rating
Love this story and the artist . This story was funny but all so sweet and sad at the same time but I love how she was strong and well full and knew what she wanted and even. The prince could not turn down her fighting spirit. But it's a good read try it :)
oathbreaker1 Rating
Yeah here is to strong women and men who love them. She cared for father even though he was at fault for problem. This guided her to helping people who were dealing with the same type of issues. I so enjoyed how she kept seducing the prince while letting him know that he was strong enough to deal with the scars that he had from the past. That being said the lady who ran the harem was such a character I believe she deserves a story herself. This one story I would not mind reading again . So read about the dessert sands and the steamy romance.
NMAT64 Rating
First story of a Heroine MC who was a strong character in a story of Sheikh/deserts stories. Victoria should have just let her father go to jail. But for some odd reason kept a promise with her dead mother on taking care of her father. (Spoil alert). We need more of those stories of the MC heroine being more strong and an equal with the MC male hero.
Majala Rating
This gets a 5 star rating for having the toughest heroine in the entire Harlequin Manga genre. This book belongs to her and the Prince is an also-ran in this contest.
chicobaby04 Rating
i thought it was shame of vicotria's father to sold her out to prince kateb but after she accepted the wager and told her father to get out of picture, and victoria and kateb traveled to a place and things happens well wat to know whats going to happen next then come and read this manga i highly recommend so
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