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Crystal Rating
For me I really thought that this manga was really good. It had humor,heated moments, and a really a good plot and storyline.I would probably read it again.
sakueva Rating
So cute! It was such a sweet manga with a hint of aggressiveness and ended beautifully. Everything (art, story, plot, and pace) was great but to spend 6 tickets for a average of 25ish pages per chapter isn't...worth it. Unless you REALLY like the manga. :D
WindyWing15 Rating
I'm putting 5 stars to rate the cuteness of this manga. It's a pleasant and funny read if your mood feels down. I was feeling down earlier but reading this manga literally made me chuckle and put a smile on my face. I finished all the chapters, and I happily enjoyed them. What I'm also glad about is that although the description of this manga describes the seme to have a sadistic side, it isn't the "I'm gonna rape you" kind that some BL manga portray. It isn't forceful. Haha, at least, maybe not too much. There's going to be some light comical conflicts in some chapters, but I won't say too much since I don't want to spoil anything important. I will say though, that the seme gives off an almost Okita Sougo (from Gintama) air to him. I don't know, he sort of reminded me of him somehow, which made it an even more fun read because if you know Okita's character, well, you'll probably have some idea of what to expect here as well. Lots of fun and humor to come around, and the overall tone of the story is sweet. The storyline/plot isn't the most amazingly, detail-heavy thing out there, but it's worth the read if you want to have a smile put on your face and enjoy this cute manga for what it is.
Nora990 Rating
it cute story love the way the ghost react
chibialex Rating
The story is super cute. I love Minato (the Seme) teasing Koki (the Uke).
Binx0r Rating
I couldn't get enough! Interesting characters, a good plot, chemistry was great! Everything balanced out great, highly recommended!
YaoiAngel Rating
Really cute!! Koki is just solo adorable with his "sensitivity" ^-^
akirashock Rating
It's a very cute story with a happy ending. It's a little short, but great amount of humor and emotion. I would recommend.
KiriNeko Rating
Freaking adorable! My only complaint is that it isn't longer but I loved it anyway! :)
WickedWahine808 Rating
Very cute story with a nice twist. The relationship between Koki and Minato develops to the perfect climax and leaves you wanting to read more. I would definitely re-read this story again when I want to a feel good love story to cheer me up.
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