User Reviews For: The Sweet Humiliation of a Flight Attendant -A Prison at 33,000 Feet-


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BoredAsian Rating
A woman with a strong passion to become an air hostess finds herself doing just about anything to achieve that dream, even if it means to push her body and heart to the limit. Anyone who is a hopeless romantic this is the manga for you, I absolutely loved this manga. I often found myself jealous of how many hot men were involved in this story, I definitely need to fan myself after reading this!
1ch1me Rating
A trainee flight attendant, Nishi Fuka, made a mistake and then she was asked to stay behind by her superior and suddenly gives her a "special training lesson?" After the lesson, she becomes the flight attendant for international pilots!? But, what's the "special job" waiting for her? Anyways, those international pilots are really good-looking. I like the pilot named Kiriya better than the other. Back to the story, it was good, I enjoyed reading it even though it was only "short story". The ending was definitely a YES! If you wanna know what happened to the story till the end, then you must read it! 5 stars for the good story and great artwork! I recommend it!
Raody Rating
Plot is fast, heroine is an idiot to cling to her dream so badly when the guys treat her so poorly, even if she does like one. Glad I rented, won't be buying.
lovemekyoya Rating
What a job to have even if you do get to sleep with the person you like while at work you're still sleeping with others as well not just your lover is was a total turn on moment for me I love it
LemonMasochist Rating
The artist who drew this knows what their doing because wow like these guys are so hot *fans self* yeah :) but there is a plot to this which leads to romance and a happy sexy ending :)
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