User Reviews For: My Boyfriend's Dad Is My Ex-Boyfriend!: Sadism and a Naughty-Boy Sandwich with Honey


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AnyaNeko66 Rating
This was cute, and made me laugh really hard too! Great art, funny concept. Wish there was more, but I love what I got! Worth it.
lovemekyoya Rating
I love it and the fact that the father and son is just alike n it don't surprise me becuz they saying goes "like father like son" n I totally agree
shirohime Rating
The story lines had what I want to read the most!!!!! Whenever it is about loves-triangles or sadism stuff like that it my favorite!!!! Can't wait to read when I get more tickets!!!!!
Pinkydie123 Rating
I totally loved reading this story it's funny and serious at the same time , the storyline is great has what I like about yaoi
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