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botaneko Rating
Supervisor Natsuki is teaching her colleague Aoba-kun through some paperworks. Natsuki is concerned that he is quiet and anti-social, so she is unsure on how to communicate with him.Walking her way to home, she is stopped and led to a host club, there she meets Aoba-kun; who is sweet and outgoing! Confused and unsure, she drinks with Aoba-kun who goes by the name "Yoh".After a few drinks, she tries to find the bathroom, but stumbles upon the VIP room where the hosts sleeps with the clients! Surprised, she questions Yoh if this is normal for a host club. Yoh explains that it is exclusive to this host club, and asks her if she is interested in taking him home. Yoh teases her, making her wanting more.-It is a sweet yet sexy story, I enjoyed Aoba/Yoh transformation between his day and night job. The scene where Yoh spilled his drink onto Natsuki's top was sexy and exciting. Yoh isn't a sadist, he is a tease, knowing how to make you want him more.It is a steady, satisfying story and a very enjoyable read. Highly recommended!
wildcretina Rating
A very cute and sexy story...Aoba-kun during the day is hard working and very reserved while Yoh-kun at night is outgoing and forceful. Natsuke-san is taken by surprise with the change in Aoba-kun's personality, her subordinate at work when she steps into a host club for the first time.
Lil Bit Rating
I loved it!!! It was an amazingly sexy story. The only thing I could really complain about is that there isn't another one to read!!!
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