User Reviews For: Bastard! No One Sneaks into a Girl's Bed... by Mistake!


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mariais28 Rating
wow like that was real good I can't wait to see what's going to happen next I hope they get to gather I can't wait
Strick Rating
Interesting but not worth paying $44 (44 chapters so far!) to read the story! I made it to chapter 6 and realized it went on forever so I had to stop and look for shorter stories that are more my type...
Kitsuneflames Rating
Interesting story about a guy the sneaks into a girl room and end up staying. This is one of my favorite stories.
Blahxxblahxx Rating
Would definitely recommend this! Great story plot
nohface Rating
i really like it, especially when every time the guy tries to make a move something funny happens.
omonii123 Rating
it's a cute story of a unique first meeting and a way to get to know and get closer to your neighbor
dscfsfds Rating
loved it.
elena25132110 Rating
So good, almost sad it's done
Videoman Rating
This low rating is just for the newest chapter it use a trope that is overuse in my mind and dislike the use of it for this story. I hope the next few chapters will be better.
MsMurder Rating
Great start. I can't wait to read the rest.
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