User Reviews For: A Beast in Love


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candybaker21 Rating
If you like younger tops, this is a great story that shows sadism at its finest. A true man made maid. Read it for the art, stay for the pleasure.
BlackBelle Rating
A totally fun read. A sadistic, possessive scientist and the poor security guard that happened to piss him off. We have a whole cast of quirky characters, and nothing crazy serious. I totally enjoyed this. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I get really annoyed when in a story, the Uke cries for no real reason. It happened a few times, and I just rolled my eyes. But all in all a real treat to read.
HopeLescase Rating
I love this story! It's quirky, hysterical, and very steamy. The characters are so likable and relatable. I recommend this to anyone!
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