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zoogaloph Rating
I like the drawing style and then idea for the story, but they characters motives could be a little more clear.
kcfantastic Rating
I can look past the art, it's fine, except for the stereotypical ukes looking girls and the semes being twice the size of the ukes. The story is absurd, and no I'm not talking about mpreg, I know what I signed up for when I decided to read this. Truth be told I only made it through the first few chapters, or the first arc if you will. The main character's motives are weak. "Oh I hate being captured and raped, but you raped me first so I love you." The story obviously begins with a non-consensual relationship, but give him a better reason to develop feelings for the seme than that! Also, how can the dude be taking Kaoru's virginity, if he just saved Kaoru from another dude who was raping him? I would have given it a two, but the sex scenes were hot enough to keep me reading, so... go for it if that's all you want.
Looking4thebestyaoi Rating
So far this is a fantastic piece of work and I am really looking forward to volume 2 which I really hope won't take too long. Worth the price.
Ugh Rating
It's very hot, with the main character being a cute sensitive uke. However it could've had more variety with the roles as the main character was an exclusive bottom but it's understandable because they're trying to get him pregnant (MPREG!)
Nora990 Rating
wait is this the end nooooo please more chapters it best manga i have read for yoai
Misheru Rating
The characters are pretty interesting and the art style is beautiful. As of vol. 23, the storyline is crazy. There is things that don't always make the most sense, right away but eventually gets some unrealistic reason explain much later in the story. In my own opinion with such complicated and misleading logic at time there are points where the story should just end.
vaberella Rating
You know this wasn't so bad. But it wasn't good either. I just don't understand it either. It's like this...The lead doesn't want himself for less than 5 billion dollars, even if it means being running a train. Just saying.
Barbara Rating
OMG ????? I can't believe the ending of this. Is there more?I loved how the plot twisted and turned every single time but the result was the same in the end 'Live Conquered All'.
Rayannah Rating
An interesting story line. I like the art work too.
niceanime Rating
So confusing but so good. What happened to professor and his lover though?
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