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MintTea Rating
A slightly scary, but fun manga. It feels like a base for a monster-of-the-week type anime where each chapter deals with a new and different problematic ghost. Each chapter also shows some character growth between the two main characters and how Shouta learns to live with his unwanted gift. The only issue I have with the story is the insistence that Shouta turned gay because an older man molested him when he was younger. It's even worse when said man is shown in a positive light by Shouta. Still, this is a cute BL story with good art.
Yaoigurl Rating
Not sure about the first love bit but it is a sweet love story not graphic sexually or too scary
MissMaus Rating
Totally loved this. And the extra at the end is hilarious XD
YokaiAkito Rating
This manga is wonderful! The story is really great, and only a little bit scary. So, it's fine for those who normally don't like horror stories! The artwork is really wonderful, and the characters' expressions are really well drawn. I really like how the bad boy character is the one who gets bullied by the straight-laced character! I recommend this manga for anyone wanting a sweet story that's just a little bit spooky!
Ren Rating
The story is overall intriguing, spooky, & the art is pleasing & cool. However, since there is only 1 volume, it is somewhat fast-paced & episodic. I feel like there was a background plot that was (grossly & creepily) introduced in chapter 1. If the manga was longer, it could have touched upon this creepy plot point & maybe even driven the manga to being somewhat serious ...but maybe that's why the mangaka decided to make it only 1 would be too serious of a subject for this manga that is supposed to be quirky & spooky. *shrugs* *SPOILER* & TRIGGER WARNING for implied molestation of child: that's the background plot (that wasn't even really touched upon in the manga)'s sad & basically the main character seems to have been molested/sexually harassed by an old-ish man when the mc was a kid. Also, the manga implies that the mc is gay now (as a teen) BECAUSE of that past incident...if the manga gets a 2nd volume, I HOPE it goes into the mc's background more
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
I love the unique story plot but I can't help but to feel some of this is lost in translation because a few parts are odd. I love that each character truly has personalities and the touches of horror in it, especially towards the end, are neat and funny! The darker notes in the story are interesting and something I haven't seen before. The art is good and I would reccomend this one.!
Kitten95 Rating
The story started pretty good but the ending felt rushed. I feel like there could be a volume 2.
Babo Rating
Nice and fluffy. Not that scary.
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