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YokaiAkito Rating
This story is so fun and sexy! The characters are all pretty hilarious, and are drawn really well. The story is pretty silly, but who cares when the sex scenes look this nice! Haha!
candybaker21 Rating
One of my top 5 favorites, and probably number 3!! This has fantasy and sexuality at its finest, and I can read it over and over without it becoming boring! If you don't read this, you are doing wrong to yourself. 5 stars!
karink333 Rating
Nah, didn't like this one. The first chapter looked nice but it just got worse. I wish there was more to characters background and that plot would be better or that I could feel some sparks. The blond guy who interfers into their relationship is annoying and detestable, not to mention he get's his own story.
stoni217 Rating
Not worth 5 dollars for 4 chapters.
Akleio Rating
A very smutty comedy. I enjoyed the story for the main couple, and the side couple. I'm also quite weak to submissive demon bottoms, and demon tops... as well as a third person. It's light on the kink, as much as it was a light hearted comedy. It's a must-read!
mariais28 Rating
I really like the story it was good always around if anybody that wants to look at this I would advise you please do it is worth the five tickets
3240661211 Rating
This is super Sexy with a touch of Magic. I can read it over and over again! Seriously, I wish there was more of it because the characters are so great and I've become very attached to them. I WANT MORE!!(and you will, too) A must read!
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