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tempestwolf82 Rating
This was an absolutely wonderful story! The story was sweet and funny and left you feeling warm and fuzzy. The artwork was beautiful and I feel like I could have kept reading more of this. I want more stories! <3
korisnik Rating
The story is okay, but definitely not a must read. The writing is kinda bland. The typesetting and font choices are atrocious.
YokaiAkito Rating
This manga is so wonderful! The characters are so cute, and the story is so sweet! There is a bit of drama, but the ending will leave you all warm and fuzzy! I highly recommend this manga for anyone that likes sweet BL stories that feature more adult characters!
Overdressed Rating
This was so sweet and romantic. Big feelings and wonderful personalities!
belovedless Rating
This is a slow build workplace story that is worth the read if you appreciate decent character development and backstory over extra smut. It's not a dark story, and you'll have a happy ending to look forward to.
Fairy231 Rating
It was okay to rent. The story meandered a bit to get to the climax. There was a lot of exposition, which also affected how much text was put in each bubble/box (it looked crammed in most of the time), and it took away from enjoying the story - I didn't even feel like there was that much conflict in the first place (but that's probably because I thought the resolution was kind of a cop-out lol). As for the characters, while I liked the chef, he yelled a little too much for my taste. Kind of a loveable idiot vibe, but very competent in his job.Overall, the story could've been much shorter, and could've focused more on developing the conflict. And I agree with the note from the editor's office in the last pages: needs more sexy times ;)My vote: save your money, but rent if you're curious.
animepie Rating
I love theeeeem. They're so cute. So direct. So respectable. Just 400 points to own this full cute story? It had me clapping with glee in the end. Suji-sensei did not disappoint!
hanandduke Rating
One of the best stories one here! Haha I laughed so much times!
blackcatmo Rating
I love it . I wish it was longer.
HorseObsessed Rating
I LOVE THIS TITLE!!! IT'S SO FUNNY, CUTE, SWEET, & a bit dark (when they're kids, Seiji calls Takeru fat after saving him from bullies). That gives Takeru a complex that Seiji helps him get rid of. This one is another slow-burn, I really like those.
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