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tempestwolf82 Rating
I really enjoyed this story. It has its share of teenage angst, a bit of a tragic love triangle and manages to tug at your heart while giving you a happily ever after as well.
Soleera Rating
All three of the characters seemed highly artificial, and the ending didn't properly resolve the conflict in any meaningful way; the author completely ignored their own character points in order to resolve the story quickly. Unfortunately this is something I come across from time to time that makes the story fall apart for me; I would recommend avoiding this manga unless meaninglessly angsty shounen ai is what you like.
Lynd Rating
The art and the premise is good but it gives the feeling of being a bit rushed. Extending it to 2 or maybe even 3 volumes should have been right to resolve their issues and give the story a more satisfying end.
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
It started off nice and honestly is fine throughout. It had some surprises and nice storyline but I do dislike when yaois like this 'imply' a threesome on the cover when it is not that. I wish there was more written about the pairing afterwards! I do appreciate that they offered a small insight into the different possible pairings and that they weren't afraid to be a bit darker about some of it. That was nice! Pretty decent read and I wouldn't say no to reading it again.
belovedless Rating
Great artwork, but the love triangle was so dramatic, selfish, and petty, I couldn't quite get into the story.
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