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PennyDreadful Rating
It felt like just when the stories were getting good, they ended. I really felt that the last story had a lot of potential, but it ended in a strange way, and despite the next five pages that reconciled it, it felt forced. I kinda wish sensei just picked one or two couples and focused on their relationships. I don't feel satisfied.
malcosky Rating
Wasn't really live-up to my expectations. Overall the stories just so-so.
easterlily16 Rating
This is so good! The stories are sweet, ranging from high school students, office workers, college students, etc. My fave is the last story.
Waterbaby09 Rating
I absolutely loved all the stories my only complaint is that just as the stories were getting good they would basically cut off. I would have loved it if it was more focused on just a couple of the couples or if more books were made available to continue along with each of the stories.
my1066 Rating
A nice compilation of stories. Boys at school, Men at work, Good looking Guys everywhere! Secrets to hide and friends to protect and all of it leads to love. Yeah!
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