User Reviews For: Driven Crazy by a Pair of Knights


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nikkininja Rating
Very good story, I really liked the characters and the art is wonderful. Worth the 6 bucks for sure!
London18 Rating
I liked the brother's story better. It was short but it was way better than the first one. The girl in the first story was just so infuriating. She's just so childish and selfish in my opinion stringing the brothers along and clearly did not know what it means to be in a relationship. You can't force someone to be okay with the situation and think everything is happy-go-lucky and you certainly can't force yourself to be with someone you don't have feelings for. Her acrions hurt both brothers which makes her the worst. Even when she realises what she's done she runs away from it and cries. It was just selfish and cowardice.I reccommend you just rent it and not buy it. It's not worth really but up to you.
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