QueenAiress's Reviews & Ratings

Let me start by saying to anyone who reads this: This was worth the purchase. Whether you'd rather rent or buy it out, it is a really nice read. I personally enjoyed it very much! The two main characters and side character were all so likeable! This has minimal drama, lots of fluff and other sexy stuff. The plot twist honestly hit me so hard, I felt as if I was the main character for a second. I thought the backstory for the two main characters was extremely cliche so I'm glad for the climax of the story, you chose something that is normally cliche in yaoi and totally made it your own therefore surprising the reader. Really great job. My only complaint which is very small is that you left the side character's inner thoughts just a little bit on the open ended side. Would have been great if we had just a bit more closure on him because his actions and thoughts didn't match what his words to the main character were. With that being said, I will be rereading this in the future. Good job!
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