dongtheggplant's Reviews & Ratings

It's so good, it's so unlike the "oil tycoon prince/king sweeping the uke off their feet" that I've read before..wish there would be more honestly. I love both the prince and the uke. They're both so sweet and loving of each other
Simply not worth it, it puts in no effort on being unique and is just like any cliche yaoi out there. 80% of it is sex but even that is sadly boring. It's the same thing you'll find in any yaoi. Better spend your money on other works than this. Also both characters are your typical weak uke and bully seme. Nothing special. Going by the reviews, it seems like the verbal and sexual abuse keeps on going and I've seen other yaoi works do it better. So I'm dropping this after reading volume 1. Shame that there was no option to only buy 1 chapter.
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