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Not a fan. Making the girl jump into bed to pay him back and her not realizing his feelings after makes her look cheep and stupid. I know its usual for the main carter to be pretty dense or something and I can put up with it, however if it crosses a certain point like after she gets into bed with him she still dusn't know, it is not believable and just makes the main carter look bad and really stupid. She also appears cheep because she just says yes to pay him back with her body so easily it makes me feel she would do the same with anyone, her body is not some dollar bill to pay someone back with the moment thy do something for her. Even if shes nice she has to have common sense to put limits or expectations of how others should treat her or she doesn't seem real or likable, it devalues her and the couple in general, its a shame I really really like unusual couples where thy the usual Beauty is challenged (like girl/boy is fat, scary scarred ectra) and I was exited for this but as it stands I don't find the main character believable since she seems more of a means to an end, and don't really care the main couple get together. If she just wanted sex, the author worked up to it a bit more or maybe set it up a bit defiantly it could be fine and id have probably enjoyed it but as it stands it was a disappointing read and I would not recommend it.
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