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Nice plot and characterization with lots of enthusiastic consensual sex, but had to deduct stars because for me the sex scenes weren't hot at all - the reverse of the problem most yaoi have!Cutesy art for some characters as seen in previews didn't bother me, but during the sex scenes it shifted to a typical hentai sort of style, with lots of distracting agehao faces and sound effects crowding the entire page. If you're okay with this you might really like this manga, as I otherwise really enjoyed it, but personally I ended up just skimming past most of the sex scenes.A second couple are the focus for a third of the book. I was apprehensive since I thought it was going to be uncomfortably shotacon, but the characters genuinely felt like real adults - it was nice to see them opening up about problems it had caused them because I have a 27-year-old friend who went through some of the same issues.Hope this helps any potential readers! For me it was a fun romcom but that's all.
Props to the viewer who recommended renting rather than buying. I ended up liking the bonus stories and extras more than the main plot, which I actually got bored partway through. I expected it to be more corny than hot, but I was disappointed that it wasn't even that funny, unlike other comedy yaoi like My Quiet Best Friend's Just Tongue Tied!, which made me laugh out loud. The page composition and pacing were sometimes confusing too. I've satisfied my curiosity but wouldn't recommend to others.
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