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The way Haruomi expressed his feelings towards Taishi is indeed romantically thrilling, but when we got to hear his reason, I find it lacking. Their relationship developed so fast that I cannot make myself accept it even if part of me was blushing from the scenes. If only there was a bit more history between them, I would have been more accepting.The smut is not as graphic as I wish it would be. And most of the time they were cut before I could even indulge myself to it. Some of the dialogues are confusing as to which of them was talking. But overall, this is an okay story. If you want a top who's aloof but has a soft side and a bot who's small and energetic, then this would definitely appeal to you.
It's funny. The illustrations and the sexual content are all too satisfying. The only issue I have is with the doctor's doings. The fact that he molests and sleeps with his patients takes away some of the pleasure of reading this. But hey, this is just fantasy, so I guess it's not much of an issue. Anyway, I had fun. It's too short though. I wish there are more chapters.
I had to admit that the first reason I read this was because I liked the design of the tall guy, Keita. But reading this, I didn't expect it to have such a good plot. The theme about incest didn't bother me much. I just like that their affection to each other grew in a gradual manner. It also has this power to tug at me, to make me want to read more chapters. I like it.
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