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I went into this fully expecting this to be a 5-star read because I'm a huge fan of Nagisa Furuya. I would say this manga doesn't read the same as her other work but it was still enjoyable. It still had those subtle shifts in expression, good character development and a smooth story flow that I appreciated in Nagisa Furuya's other work.Now for some SPOILERS and the reason I couldn't give this 5 stars:The story itself is pretty predictable which is not a bad thing when it comes to a school life romance but it did employ some tropes I'm not a fan of.-the girlfriend misunderstanding: Misunderstanding itself aside, I knew what that twist would be and it still makes no sense. The love interest has already said he doesn't care about gender so why would finding out his “girlfriend” is a guy reassure the MC? It wasn't well-executed.-there should have been a kiss!That's it. Thanks for reading.
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