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August 11

A Proud Wolf's Awkward Love Affair (1)
You're Not Getting Away -I Love You So Much, You Take My Breath Away- (10)
The Beast Beneath the Skirt (34)
Three Angles of Love -My Body Isn't Ready for Two Boyfriends- (6)
Pixie Love (7)
Entwined at Twilight with a Demon -Again... And Again... He Can't Be Stopped!- (9)
I Can't Fall in Love with My Husband! (26)
Wallflower Ichika Kasahara (25) Only Attracts Weirdos. -Stalked by an Exceptional Dweeb- (11)
This Sweet Thirst Is His Fault -The Movie Director and The Innocent Girl- (8)
You Can Leave If You Want -Paying the Rent with My Body- (7)
Pampered by the Young Wolf -It's Your Fault for Seducing Me- (14)
Coffee Lover (9)

August 14

Stay by My Side (1)
You Want to Be Doted On More Than Anyone (1)
Over-Cumming Writer's Block (17)
It Feels So Good, I'm Gonna Break...! -The Charming Devil's New Toy- (4)
Keiichi Sagami Is an Impostor -Sleeping with the Childhood Friend I Despise- (4)
Kiss Trap -A Gay Guy and a Girl Who Hates Guys!?- (4)
Intertwined with My Stepbrother, Loved by a Beast. (16)
The Artist and the Beast [VertiComix] (15)
Another Wild Night with My Lord!? -Is This Service Part of the Job?- (33)
Show Me Your Ecstasy -Our Bodies Are a Perfect Match- (4)
I'm a Complete (Fake) Sadist -Your Tastes Are a Little Unorthodox- (6)
Little Miss Oblivious and Her Savage Darling (9)

August 18

My Monster Lover (2)
The Wolf Prince's Prey (10)
Living Together with First-rate Men!? -My Childhood Friend Is a Perverted Animal- (12)
My Complex Soulmate! (9)
Like a Boss -the Tyrant and Me in Bed til the End- (2)
Beware of the Beast (11)
The 45-Year-Old Gentleman Is a Tactless Beast -Tonight, Teach Me How It's Supposed to Be Done...- (9)
The Starry-eyed Editor and the Apathetic Writer (8)
The Queen's True Face -The Savage Colleague and the Office Lessons- [Plus Bonus Page] (6)
Living Together with a Younger Rich Boy -Every Night Is Just Too Much!!- (4)
How to Fall in Love with a Two-Faced Boy (2)
The Student I Thought I Knew (13)
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