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Staff: Yao

This might be a teeny-tiny bit spoilerish but I really love it when it turns out that the main couple had actually already met at some point when they were kids. To me, that just screams "destiny"! It's even better if this is the case with protagonists who start off fighting all the time and at a glance seem like a really bad match. This particular match consists of an elite seme, Misato, who suffers from a past trauma and a manly ex-delinquent, Nono. Those two together... nom nom! There is quite a bit of foreshadowing that points to Nono possibly being the reason for Misato's trauma and the guilt-fest that ensues is also great! Nono, being a chef, cooks a lot for Misato but then at other times he pushes him away thinking it best for Misato. The way they miss each other by inches is just so moving! It's also great to see how determined Misato becomes as the story goes on. He used to be super awkward but he's trying to grow as a person for the one he loves... aww! I wonder if that company really exists somewhere in Japan... I want to work there and secretly cheer for Misato and Nono as they shamelessly flirt with each other. Someone tell me so that I can change jobs!!

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