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Comic My Only Love, My Only Hate View_Series_
original novel: Lucy Gordon
Publisher: Harlequin
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Story : "Giles Blake...I'll never forgive you!" I hate that man. When I was a girl, he pulled a damning testimony from me and turned my daddy into a convict. I lost everything in that trial. Afterward, I changed my name to Rae Bonham. I work by day as a secretary at a construction company while at night I study for a degree and work part-time as an escort. And now Giles Blake is coming to me as a client! The man who stole my family, girlhood innocence and all my happiness now seeks my love. This is my chance for revenge! But what do I do when I'm caught between love and hate?

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My Only Love, My Only Hate
My name is Rae Bonham. By day, I work as a secretary; by night as an escort. And now Giles Blake, who sent my daddy to prison, is coming to me as a client![128pages]
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