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AuthorEmiri Ito
"I have the maternal chromosome!?" Aki can conceive, an ability which can be found in only one in a thousand people. To ensure the survival of the human race, he participates in a program under state control...... But it turns out to be a forced copulation camp! "I just kissed you and touched your nipples and you already have a boner." His sadistic partners take his virginity and cover him in their cum! After taking part in a series of hard-core sexual activities including anus dilation and massages that help to conceive, he finally gets pregnant......!?



( Current vol 2 )
"Stop faking your smiles." Michiru Amagase loses it and ends up punching his new partner and roommate, Kou Hoshimiya, when he says that to him. That comment got dangerously close to Michiru's "secret." Takashino High is a special private school for students with deep, fortressed secrets. Michiru transfers there with a secret of his own. Things get really awkward when he punches his partner on his first day there, and when he goes uneasily back to his dorm room, something seems wrong with Kou. He's so bossy and dominating, it's like he's an entirely different person. He overpowers Michiru, covering his mouth and violating him... "I'll make you feel real good." Two personalities crash together in this tangled love story!

Review 5(5 Review)
Get pregnant with my brat! "ahhh! Mmph... D-Don't... Don't put your tongue in there... Aaaaaaah!!" Made homeless and without kith or kin, Kaoru is helpless as a man in a suit toys with his body. His first kiss, his sensitive nipples and anus... His first time was taken away from him...! Not only that, but the same man lures him to a deserted island and imprisons him. What awaits him there is an endless stream of sexual encounters in an experiment with the aim of impregnating him! It's a never-ending circle of casual sex in captivity. A series of complicated infatuations blossom while engaging in hot steamy rendezvous with different men. What will Kaoru's fate be...?



[ Total vol 3 ] Completed
Hiroto took his college friend Rei home after seeing how drunk and helpless he was, and they've been sleeping together ever since. Rei never wanted to do it with a guy before. They hardly knew each other and Rei can barely even remember that first night... Now Hiroto comes by whenever he wants, has his way with him, and even degrades him during sex. Rei knows he's a selfish bastard, so why does he keep letting Hiroto sleep with him? Is it because his touch is so gentle...? Rei struggles to come to terms with his feelings. So does Hiroto. For now, the only way they can express their love is with their bodies, but...

"Ahh...!! Eek, ah!" "Wait... Stop...!" In the year 20XX, the government launched a secret project to collect semen in order to foster future leaders as part of their efforts to combat the declining birthrate. Ryou Terashima comes from a yakuza family. He was an excellent athlete when he was in school, but he quit the track team after a certain incident. One day, the government asks Ryou to become a sperm donor. Since the company run by his family is facing financial difficulties, he decides to participate in the project in return for ample compensation, thinking that doing it just once won't hurt... But on the day he has his sperm collected, Hanyuu, the person who caused the incident when they were in school, shows up in front of Ryou! Hanyuu tells Ryou that he's going to palpate his body and shoves his fingers into him...! Will he be able to fulfill his mission as a sperm donor while protecting his virginity!?

AuthorKii Hasegawa
PublisherTaiyoh Tosho
Yoshihiro, the four-eyed honor student with dreams of becoming a doctor, and Shunji, the ace of the gymnastics team, have been friends since childhood. In high school, they meet Kakeru, an airhead with a soothing presence, and both fall in love. The two promise each other (without consulting Kakeru) that if they were to sleep with him, they would do it together. However, they're unable to contain their desires and go head-to-head putting the moves on Kakeru! And Kakeru, who rejects their advances at first, feels flustered by their passion...... When will the three young "bananas" get peeled into adulthood......!?

AuthorKii Yugine
Naoki's neighbor Wataru was, and always will be, his first love. But when the guy he long-admired gets a little brother named Ryotaro, their relationship must grow to accommodate three. Will Wataru be stolen away from him? Is this the end?

AuthorYun Kinoko Yukari Nagatsuki
PublisherTaiyoh Tosho
Yukari Nagatsuki, known for her cover illustrations for yaoi novels, makes her first foray into the world of manga!! Don't miss this highly anticipated manga debut!! An unprofitable old massage chair company becomes an overnight success when Soichi Takada inherits the company and begins manufacturing and selling certain products. The products in question are adult toys that utilize massage chair technology to deliver mind-blowing pleasure! These products turn the industry on its head, and rival companies, desperate to learn Mr. Takada's secrets, send spies to infiltrate his company. Rei Hasegawa is one such industrial spy. However, when Rei's cover is blown, he ends up making a deal with Mr. Takada. He agrees to let Rei in on his secret to success if Rei is able to withstand a test of the company's new, still-in-development vibrator made especially for men!

AuthorAko Kaneko
Review 5(1 Review)
"Cum, you little virgin...... So cute." Satoshi Mayama is a daycare teacher. He hasn't popped his cherry yet. His concerned friend takes him out to meet some girls, but he ends up with a handsome blond man! Satoshi knows this guy is anything but ordinary, and is suddenly pressed down and kissed deeply! The man grabs, fondles and stimulates his dick. Despite wanting to, Satoshi can't push him away...... Who is this man that knows Satoshi's name......? What's his aim......? Dangerous love between a gangster that goes his own way and a nerdy virgin!


[ Total vol 4 ] Completed
AuthorJijico Okina
"Ken, do you really like me?" Kengo is always a little dry with his girlfriends, and that's what they say when they dump him. Then one day, he sees his classmate, Chiaki, dancing in high heels as part of a cultural festival presentation and gets a hard-on. He thinks it must be some mistake...... Depressed, but on his way to the after-party, he sees Chiaki going into a hotel with a strange man and finds himself further obsessed. Unable to contain himself, Kengo confronts Chiaki and...... What is this dark emotion......? A clumsy, straight, antisocial boy and a beautiful, gay, self-prostituting boy. A criss-cross love between male students muddled by infatuation and lust!!

AuthorSakura Hayase Shinya Kirisato
"Virgin support lesson!?" A new national policy has declared that when a man turns 18, he will receive three brides. Souta, who has experienced tragedy, is looking forward to this. But, on his birthday, to his surprise, three MEN turn up! Very handsome men, at that! "We'll train you so you can go from virgin to sexpert. ......Step by step, ok?" They're civil servants assigned to support him in learning to live happily with his brides. Souta ends up living with the grooms, but every day, be it in his room or at the park, they fondle his nipples, touch his private parts, and swallow everything he has to give! The evil instructor, Shinichiro; the player, Haruki; and the transcendent beauty, Takara. What will become of Souta's newly-married life as he gradually becomes attracted to the three grooms.......?

AuthorMiyoko Matsumoto
They're just a college theater group, but their shows sell out and their top billed actor's a TV star. However, they're unfortunately named "F.W.B. Theater Group" - as in, "Friends with Benefits." One day, freshman and aspiring-actor Asahikawa appears before scriptwriter Utatsu, asking to join the group. Utatsu turns him down flat, but Asahikawa doesn't know when to quit. Utatsu tries to give Asahikawa an impossible challenge to make him go away, but his plan backfires, leading to the two of them watching porn together. Utatsu's curiosity eventually wins out, and he ends up asking Asahikawa to get him off...... So he'll sleep with a guy if he's "interesting" enough!? Theater is his life, and this promiscuous scriptwriter is about to get physical with an inexperienced, fresh-faced freshman!


[ Total vol 5 ] Completed
AuthorMeo uroco
PublisherW Comics ZR
Review 5(1 Review)
"Take a good look. I'll prove that he's my boyfriend!" The class delinquent, Yuga, suddenly asks Teruya out. Unable to turn him down, Teruya asks his best friend Koki for help... So Koki tells Yuga that Teruya's going out with HIM! Of course, Yuga doesn't believe this lie, so Koki kisses Teruya as "proof"... But Yuga still doesn't buy it. Koki takes it up a notch and starts playing with Teruya down there...! Unable to resist, Yuga joins in and a threesome begins... The two guys' caresses are just too much for Teruya......!!


( Current vol 5 )
AuthorYahiro Kaji
Review 5(1 Review)
One night, a spectacularly ordinary college student, Yoshitaka, comes across a limp humanoid figure slumped in the garbage collection area of his apartment complex. Seeing the curled-up figure's exposed, slender legs, Yoshitaka reaches out to help her, both good and bad intentions on his mind... Only to hear a man's voice respond! His dreams of a glorious night are dashed... or so he thought...! Having already invited him into his home, Yoshitaka has no choice but to take in the man, Kaede, who turns out to be a porn star!! "I've got nada, zip, zilch in my wallet now..." At first, Kaede shows remorse for being unable to repay the favor, but quickly does a complete 180, as his hand starts creeping up Yoshitaka's leg and towards his inner thigh... "So... I'll let you fuck me." A kind-hearted college student versus a super free-spirited porn star! What will become of this virgin now that he's at the mercy of a pro!? With this wonderfully sleazy, bossy bottom around, a lot more than just boundaries are going to be penetrated here.

AuthorSakufu Ajimine
"Can you put us up?" a man suddenly asks Rei as if it's nothing. It's Itsuki, Rei's childhood friend who suddenly kissed him on their last day of high school before disappearing for seven years. In his arms is a little three-year-old boy - his son. The two of them move in with Rei, but they harbor a secret they can't share with anyone. They're werewolves, and they transform into wolves around every full moon...... Safuku Ajimine's new take on "Beauty and the Beast" is as wild as it is cute.

AuthorNiiya Kuroneko
Review 5(2 Review)
After a legal reform, an explosive rise in police brutality rocks Japan! Soon, all policemen around the nation started abusing their authority to perform sexual police questioning, including Miyashita, yet another police officer who spends his days basically doing whatever he wants. But then, a younger officer named Kitagawa gets sent to his station and Miyashita suddenly gets sent to a new post... in confusion, he goes to begin his new assignment, only to find out that it's a sexual service department for all members of the police station! Is this some kind of divine punishment for all of Miyashita's crimes?! And what are Kitagawa's true goals?!

AuthorHaruka Fujiki
Review 3(1 Review)
"It can't be! I've never been touched by a guy before...!" By chance, Mizuki gets a job as a babysitter-cum-housekeeper. But he's got to work for... a yakuza family! The gang is run by the late boss's four sons and is led by the eldest, Ryuichi. So, Mizuki starts babysitting during the day, and taking care of the brothers' sexual needs at night! They like to see him hot and bothered, and they use every trick in the book to get into his underpants. But one day Mizuki finds out their secret...!


( Current vol 2 )
AuthorKanade Tokiwa
When Yuto, a Japanese student studying abroad in England, gets injured in a street fight, he develops a deep relationship with Leon, the man who tended him at the nearby monastery. But is Leon really a monk, or is he something else? Welcome to the elegant world of the romantic past!


[ Total vol 12 ] Completed
AuthorEikichi uroco
Review 5(4 Review)
I'm gonna lose my virginity during the school trip! ...Or so I thought...... But turns out my virginity's being taken instead! I'm forced to climax...... And why's the culprit in my bed!? I was looking forward to this school trip, but I hate the fact that the popular Tsukasa is in my group. Although, something good came out of it - the girls come to our room at night! I'm totally in the mood, until the teacher comes to check on us. When everyone climbs into bed and pretends to be asleep...... Somebody wriggles in with me! Plus, they get real close and touch me down there...... When I can't take it anymore and lift the sheets, it's Tsukasa......!


( Current vol 2 )
AuthorHaruka Fujiki
"Ah, ah! Don't touch me there......!" Because of his deadbeat father, Nanami becomes the owner of a host club. The club is heavily in debt and comes with a line-up of beautiful men, but Nanami hates hosts! However, all of them want a piece of "little Namami"! After closing, in the alley behind the club, he gets teased and tugged until he's ready to burst! In this tough business of managing a host club, is there a tomorrow for Nanami!?

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