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"From this day forth, you're my slave." Sen quit the athletics team due to an injury, so he has a lot of spare time... until one day after school, when he crosses paths with a mysterious pig. Sen chases after it, and finds sophomore Masamune Oku waiting for him. Masamune announces that he's "descended from witches" and suggests a deal with Sen. He says Sen has magical powers he releases involuntarily - if he gives Masamune those powers by becoming his slave, Masamune will grant him the ability to fly - Sen's childhood dream. Sen agrees to the contract, but then he's told the only way to give away his powers is through "sexual acts"...! What's more, when he tries kissing Masamune, he gets turned on - maybe because of the contract's side effects......? Sen wants to fly, but can he engage in sexual acts with a guy...!? A fluffy romantic comedy between a daydreaming high school boy and a self-proclaimed wizard boy with glasses!

AuthorWacoco Waco
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Kaname Kurosaki: 28 years old and in the prime of manhood, working as lead programmer on the development team. Good at his job, not so good with women... and sexually frustrated every day. The one who helps him with that is his co-worker, Yuki, the lead producer of the planning department. Kaname and this sparkly-eyed "prince charming" have a history of jerking each other off in the office late at night. They both like women, but they can't help using each other for some sexual release. Kaname doesn't think much about what they're doing, but Yuki gradually begins to escalate things. One day, Yuki asks if they could try something different, and starts playing with Kaname's ass...! Now the "prince" of the office is opening Kaname's eyes to a whole new world of sex! A princely sex-fiend paired with the office hotshot who has plenty of sexual desire to spare... This is a wild and smutty love story!



( Current vol 5 )
Review 3(1 Review)
The birth rate is falling sharply in 21st Century Japan. To combat the decreasing numbers, there's only one option left: get men pregnant. Yuki and Ryu are chosen to test a new drug that makes conceiving possible for men and are randomly paired up for the experiment. Yuki has to have sex with Ryu every day, even though he doesn't like him. However, the experiment has a condition: you can't leave the experiment until you give birth to a child. Reluctantly doing their best to get pregnant, Yuki and Ryu slowly start growing closer,but their time's running out! Then there's a new and embarrassing experiment with a loving couple, Ren and Rui, that gets them in the middle of even more embarrassing action! All this in gorgeous full-color!

AuthorMimu Kayuma
The serious, stern, handsome teacher, Misaki, and the number one host who can't be seduced, Mitsunari. Coincidence brings them together, and drawn to Misaki's looks and expressions, Mitsunari forces Misaki into a one-night stand! Mitsunari is unable to contain his lust for the unassuming Misaki, and Misaki is confused by Mitsunari's aggressive advances. This is a dangerously sexy and overwhelmingly erotic game of love!

AuthorHaruka Fujiki
"Ngh...! Ah, aah! I'm gonna die...!" Akinari investigates strange noises coming from a classroom and discovers that it's decked out with funeral paraphernalia. Yes, Akinari has walked right into a meeting of the "funeral club"! What's more, unusual circumstances force him to join! Though the club seems like a good place to learn the rites and rituals of the dead, it was actually started to help one of its members get over his... funeral fetish!? Surrounded by a cast of attractive older students and his sharp-tongued former schoolmate, Akinari finds himself getting unexpectedly titillated on a daily basis! From getting his rear end fondled during a prayer service to doing it in a coffin and even a temple...!! And if that weren't complicated enough, there's also a love triangle! Free your desires from their fetters and join a world of otherworldly passions!

AuthorChiharu Sakado
The time is the Edo Period. Amid the financial disarray of the Shogunate government, the money-eating male harem has been exasperating the situation and causing a dilemma for one particular Shogun... Yaichi is a guard of the interior gardens who is always nearby, watching over that Shogun. Yaichi has been harboring secret affections for his Shogun, but their difference in social standing is palpable! He has been unable to express his feelings... One day, on a typical trip to stand guard throughout the night over the Shogun and his harem gentleman, where all he can do is watch their actions like a hawk from behind a cut-out hole in the sliding door, Yaichi suddenly finds himself unable to curb his enthusiasm and ends up pleasuring himself while on guard duty...!! This is a heartrending and grand tale of their love across social borders!

AuthorChisa Otomi
Ichika Okuzaki joins the student council to get closer to the flawless and pretty president Mahiro Sasamori. Except, the student council president is actually a hardcore masochistic pervert!! One day, Ichika finds Mahiro tying himself up and masturbating, but for some reason, Ichika gets threatened and forced to help with the bondage...! Ichika gets sick of Mahiro ignoring his feelings and only wanting Ichika to tie him up, so he decides to act for himself... This manga also contains a spin-off of the student council story, "Mr. Secretary and His Pet -A Poisonous Summer-" and "Here, Mr. Kojo, an Aphrodisiac."

Plus! A bonus page is included exclusively for users who purchase this manga from Renta!

PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Life is peaceful for Keiichi at his all-boys school. But one day, his classmate and best friend, Minami Sonoda, asks him out. Confused by these sudden gay advances, Keiichi rejects him and makes a run for it... But, that's not where it ends. The next day, Minami appears in front of Keiichi again, dressed completely as a girl, and brazenly vows never to give up on Keiichi's heart...!! Will things at school ever be the same again...?



( Current vol 5 )
AuthorMawo Aoyama
20-year-old Nao has two older step-brothers, Kazu and Hiro, from his mom's second marriage ten years ago. They all live separately now, but one day Nao turns up on Hiro's doorstep. Hiro's the second oldest brother and six years older than Nao, and although he allows Nao to stay, he's awkward and won't look Nao in the eye. Nao is upset that he didn't receive a warm welcome, but his brother has his own problems. You can't judge a book by its cover, and it turns out Hiro's actually in love with Nao, so is reluctant to act like his brother! Hiro does his best to hold himself back, but he gets close to breaking point as Nao innocently approaches him out of the bath and in bed...! Is a handsome brother with an attitude and his vulnerable, puppy-eyed little brother living together more trouble than it's worth!? This is a story of brothers in love living under one roof!!

AuthorKurumi Otsuki
Review 3(1 Review)
Two salarymen from opposing business sections have always been rivals. From work output to the most menial things, they compete at everything - business has never been so busy! But then, one day, they end up in an elevator alone... and it stops! Stuck inside, they try to escape, but it doesn't seem like there's any way to get out. "And tomorrow is a holiday, so no one will come... but there's something I still have left to do before I die," one of them says, as he kisses the other on the lips! Stuck in an elevator with no escape... "Hey! What are you doing?!" Hot, temperamental businessmen start battling each other with their dicks!

AuthorTsubaki Maeda
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
Every morning, Ryo wakes up to his friend sucking his fingers! He just keeps sneaking in through the window! To wean him off his fingers, Ryo proposes an alternative, but it backfires... Ryo's fingers are constantly being molested by his younger childhood friend Masato, but one day, Masato's tongue starts venturing further...! Ryo's pride as Masato's elder is in a shambles, but it feels so good he can't resist! Will Masato be able to take their relationship to the next level...!?

AuthorKichi Uekawa
Kei Kurosu leads the ordinary life of an office worker, but he's actually a vampire. Now and then, he feeds on the life essence of men with strong libidos. One day, he meets hotel owner Sho, who says to him, "We meet at last..." and Kei ends up in Sho's arms! Sho knows Kei's a vampire, saying Kei was the gardener at his mansion 20 years ago. But, Kei has no memories of that! Sho won't stop chasing Kei and lusting after his body. Just what happened in Kei's past? How are they going to feel about each other when he finds out...!?

AuthorShimeji Enoki
Review 4(3 Review)
"Come on, just cum." ... I'm definitely on that side of the fence now. By which I mean a yakuza group has taken me in... One day, I was suddenly caught up in a some horrible business! Stripped naked and stuffed inside the trunk of a car, I was about to be abducted when a rough looking gangster saved me!! Since I was hungry, the successor to this yakuza group made me a super delicious rice omelette... And before I knew it, he was looking at me as if I were the food! Licking my nipples, and tasting me down there. Hey, wait a second!! A gangster who loves cooking and a boy who looks ready to be served. And the one on the chopping board is... me!?

Go on and laugh. Despite my height, attitude, and looks, I'm a princess! Turns out I'm going to be playing Cinderella in our school play, but it's all Yano's fault. With his princess-like face, Yano is the one that requests I be Cinderella. With a dazzling smile, he says, "I want to be your prince..." I guess I have no choice... Wait, was he coming on to me!? After the play finishes, we end up alone in a classroom and things quickly start to turn steamy... The stage is set for a boy-on-boy Cinderella story!

AuthorIchigo Satou
Review 5(2 Review)
This sweet, popular yaoi novel has finally been turned into a manga! "You were the one who tempted me." Caesar, the second-in-command with blond hair and blue eyes, has been cold to Louie, who works as a doctor at the front-line base, since they first met. Caesar's unreasonable hostility annoys Louie, but in an unexpected turn of events, they start sharing a room. Louie knows of Caesar's resentment towards him, but his strong body turns him on while they lie next to each other. He opens his shirt a little to push his body against Caesar's...... An eternal romance begins in a locked space. Sweet fantasy yaoi between a blue-eyed knight with blond hair and a military base doctor!

AuthorYuji Toriba
Review 5(1 Review)
"You've shown me a lot of new stuff, right? So, show me how to have sex." Hayato Konoe, a rich boy who knows nothing about the world, gets attached to the listless Keiichi Hikami. Though Keiichi finds Hayato annoying at times, he continues their purely physical relationship. However, he eventually can't "hold back" once the sex stops......

AuthorAri Uehara
PublisherTakeshobo co.,ltd.
"Love" and "affection" are too much of a burden for Jiro, so he doesn't need them. He gets his kicks from sex, but when things cool down, it's all over. While at work, Jiro reunites with his classmate from college, Toua, who's a model that got his job by lying on his resume. In exchange for Jiro keeping quiet about it, they have sex, and this is the start of their "special relationship." But, it turns out that Toua is a rude guy with no brain-to-mouth filter who sleeps around. Even though Jiro understands that Toua has many flaws that cannot be fixed, they are frustratingly perfect for each other in bed... All Jiro knows about Toua is just where to touch him, but not much else. This is the debut manga for the highly-touted author Ari Uehara!
Includes four digital-only pages.

AuthorSachi Murakami
"We both like men." ...That's where their hidden lives end, but secret rules begin... Rio's eyes are always on his high school classmate, Etsu. He's damaged, but his looks are more than enough to make up for that. Sadly, there is something that will always keep these two apart... They're both bottoms. Enjoy all three chapters of the smash hit "Rule Number One", plus bonus stories, in this collection!

"...Mmm... Huff..." "Eek...! No... Please don't!!" Azuchi Corporation is a fast-growing company and Ranmaru Morishita has just been recruited as one of its new employees. He attends the welcome ceremony brimming with expectations, but up on the stage, he finds an odd man wearing a topknot and a short sword to compliment his suit. Ranmaru looks around in shock, but no one else notices anything unusual. Ranmaru is determined not to get involved with the strange man, Oda, who's also the talented and charismatic chief of the sales department... For better or worse, Ranmaru's been assigned to work under Oda in this illustrious department... But one day, Oda appoints Ranmaru as his page... Huh!? Is that like a personal servant!? Oda even forces Ranmaru to be his nightly attendant. Ranmaru's virginity is undeniably in danger...!!

AuthorHaruna Takayama
"You've never tried depending on anyone, have you?" One mean little comment and I lose my cool. "I'll live on my own, without anyone's help." That was the plan, but I never thought a few simple words from my elite boss Kawakita would mess with my heart so much...! "You have to take responsbility." Six sweet and sad stories about students and businessmen that just don't know how to listen to their hearts. This is Haruna Takayama's first comic!

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