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AuthorChiharu Sakado
Review 3(1 Review)
Keitaro installs an application that will fulfill even his deepest wishes. At work, he comes to realize that Ayato, one of his senior coworkers, is being blackmailed and violated by the manager, Mr. Ushigome. Determined to avenge him, Keitaro stops time! There's sexy talk! Kissing! Nipples rubbed raw! Cum! Keitaro speeds toward all his heart's desires, so will he also get Ayato...!? With a three-day trial of this miracle application, he gets double what he expects!

AuthorChiharu Sakado
Review 2(2 Review)
Yuki is a meek, introverted fan boy. His only joy in life is the online game, "Magical Girl Meruru". One day, he gets an invitation to an offline meeting. He heads for the meeting place with faint hope in his heart...but when he arrives he finds that playboy Shinji is the only one there. Then, Shinji takes him to his house to play games together, but...!? It's a sexy, juicy story of this fanboy's youth as he is exploited and tormented by pervert brothers! Don't miss it!

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