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Review 5(3 Review)
Taro has lost his home, his job, everything, and doesn't know where to turn. He finds himself taken in by a family of seven brothers he's never seen before. They're lively, and nosy...and he finds himself slowly becoming a person again through this slightly naughty lifestyle, but...!? In the bath, in the entranceway, in the can't miss this straight boy at the mercy of these 7 handsome brothers!

AuthorTatsumi Akaboshi Kei Ashiya Ginko
How many more times would I ever matchmake as someone not me? Akira dresses himself in drag to attend a matchmaking date in place of his sister. He tries to blow this setup in any way possible, but Mizuhashi, the candidate in question, just smiles without a word."How can this guy be so kind to me...?" Then, startling words come out of Mizuhashi's mouth. "I... knew all along." What does he mean by this? A pure, yet naughty matchmaking love story of excellent story flow.

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